Cash Flow Projections Services

Financial forecasts are valuable for any business and aren’t just for large business organisation. They are valuable perhaps even more important for small businesses, where a healthy cash flow is essential given they don’t always have as much resources available in case of an emergency.

Financial forecasts can help business internally as well as externally.

Internally it can assist you in decision making. For example it can help you plan your future sales and cost, understand the cash movement, when you are likely to run out of cash, when you should start looking for bank borrowings etc.

Externally it can assist you with convincing potential lenders, investors and other relevant third parties.

We can support you with:

  • Business plan
  • Executive summary
  • Cash Flow Projection for bank borrowings (Term loan, overdraft etc)
  • Coordinate with banker after submitting appraisal for any queries
  • Refinancing existing properties
  • Assistance in obtaining invoice discounting facilities