Payroll Services

We have been providing cost-effective and efficient payroll services to UK companies. Our services are all-inclusive comprehensive and HMRC compliant. We make sure that you are fully compliant with current legislation all the time.

All in-year and end-of-year forms are filed electronically through HMRC approved softwares. If you’d like further information about how we could help your business, please call us direct or fill in our quick online form.

Saashiv & Co. is registered with all Data Protection legislation and Money Laundering Act.

We can support you with:

  • Automatic Enrollment Compliance
  • Reporting under Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or monthly payroll processing
  • SSP/SMP/Parental leave
  • Security payslips for every member of staff
  • Deduct and monitor any AOE/CSA Court Orders
  • Deduct Student Loans
  • Calculate pension contributions where required
  • Payroll reporting & analysis
  • All end of year returns filed online (P35, P14s, P60s and P11Ds)
  • Dealing with enquiries from HMRC, including compliance reviews